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Earthborn featuring Button Tin, The Lido

Beautiful designer eco friendly paint made in Britain.

We are passionate about paint.

Well, first ‘Hello’ and thanks for coming to our website. We take it you’re here because your looking for a breathable, environmentally friendly, clay based paint?


Oh, and don’t forget outstanding coverage and gorgeous classic finish. Well that’s why we’ve brought you ‘Eco paints to America’ 

Colour (Yorkshire) limited have been putting paint in boxes and shipping them around the world for over 10 years. We have an outstanding reputation with our European customers who loyally use to get the paint they need.


We have decided to take our well honed expertise and beautiful paints from Britain across the Atlantic to you guys. 

We want to help you transform your living space inside and out with our beautiful designer eco friendly paint that doesn't cost the earth.

Looking for inspiration? Check out our Ideas page. Any questions ? Contact us here

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Professional and secure delivery by our partners UPS, the worlds largest shipping company.

Your delivery is carried out efficiently and with great precision and care to ensure your order arrives securely and on time.

Our tried and tested specially designed packaging system is specific to our products, ensuring your order is delivered exactly as you want it.

Full tracking is provide for all your orders to you can sit and watch your parcel move from us – to you!


We take pride in partnering with Americas finest shipping company, the biggest in the world. 

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