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Eggshell No.17

Earthborn Eggshell No.17 is a durable, washable and scuff resistant environmentally friendly paint suitable for interior woodwork. It has a silk finish and a unique formulation that is totally oil free, containing virtually no VOCs.


Drying time: Touch dry in 1-2 hours. Allow 6-12 hours between coats.

Approx coverage: 14m² per litre. 


Actual coverage will depend upon absorbency of the surface and method of application.

Download your handy product data sheet here


  • Virtually VOC free

  • Excellent covering properties

  • Hardwearing surface

  • Odour free

  • Oil free

  • Quick drying

  • Prime with Earthborn Multi Purpose Primer

  • Child and baby safe

  • Vegan friendly



  • Water

  • Binder (VAE / Soft acrylic emulsion)

  • Pigments (inc. Titanium Dioxide)

  • Fillers (China Clay, Dolomite)

  • Thickeners (Methylcellulose)

  • Preservatives (Isothiazolinone mixture)

  • Dispersant (Phosphate)

  • PH Modifier (Sodium Hydroxide)

Pick a colour

Try a sampler in White to check it’s the perfect finish for you. Available in the full 72 colours in the larger tin sizes.

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